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We conduct our most popular trainings on project management and business process management in an open format. This means that anyone can register for a training and join the group. Trainings are held either according to the schedule or as a group is formed.
In addition to training in an open format, we sometimes hold master classes, mini-conferences, round tables on sharing experiences.
Follow the schedule, register and we will be happy to see you at our events!

Why "Project Management Bureau"

  • Attention to each participant

    We work in small groups (4-12 people). As a result, the trainer can guarantee to pay attention to each participant.

  • Interaction

    Our trainers like to ask questions and stimulate an intensive exchange of opinions among all participants.

  • Simplicity of presentation

    Even if you do not have special knowledge in the field of project and business process management, simplicity of presentation of the material will make the training clear and accessible to you

  • Working on your cases

    You have an opportunity to give your case for study during practical exercises. This way, the trainer and the team will help you to get the most out of the training.

  • Predominance of practical tasks

    All open trainings are built on a series of practical exercises. As a result, you get real tools to use at your workplace.

  • You control the depth of the dive

    Our trainers are practitioners with extensive experience in business. Control the depth of diving into a particular topic on your own by asking questions that interest you.

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