What is the role of business processes in the successful implementation of construction projects?

Together with the Project Management Bureau, students of the 2nd promotion of the «Pro PM Construction» school sought answers to the question on the role of business processes in the successful implementation of construction projects.

Judging by the results of their work, in any construction company, it is possible to distinguish repetitive sequences of actions, which can be managed more efficiently using process management tools.
Participants of the master class by the “Project Management Bureau” trained to identify process boundaries, build their models, and determine PPI (Process Performance Indicators).
Procurement, planning, approval of project plans, the signing of certificates of completion — these are some of the processes, which the group worked on for several hours.

How it was.


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Управляющий партнер "Бюро проектного менеджмента", Алексей Громыко по приглашению Konica Minolta Ukraine выступил на конференции, посвященной инновациям. Алексей поделился своим взглядом на актуальные вызовы, стоящие перед компаниями в части управления бизнес-процессами, о роли IT и роботизации при построении систем управления бизнес-процессами. А также о необходимости исследования и управления опытом взаимодействия клиента и организации. 25-26 октября в Киеве пройдет наш интенсив "Управление бизнес-процессами", который посвящен тому, как выстроить процессный подход в организации и как справиться с подводными камнями на этом пути. Успевайте зарегистрироваться. Подробности по тел. (044) 221 4646. Read more 
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Our company is happy to join the program for assistance to entrepreneurs from the conflict zone in the East of Ukraine. The project has been run by NGO "Business Arena" for 2 years already. A new promotion of the program gathered in Kyiv for an introductory training on entrepreneurship by our consultant Artem Moskalenko. Artem will continue to supervise the main part of the group as a trainer and business coach during the next six months so that each of the entrepreneurs could best apply the knowledge gained at the training and expand their business project. The training participants learned to look at their company not only through the eyes of the owner, but also from the point of view of an investor, an employee, and a partner. The ability to "switch" between these roles, from our point of view, is a very important competence. An additional value of the training lied in the chance for the participants to communicate with each other. It was an opportunity to learn from colleagues about their experiences, lifehacks, and where to find employees, who will be committed to their cause as much as they will. Read more