LLC «Project Management Bureau” was founded in 2007. Our company specialises in training and consulting services in the field of project and process management.

We are often asked, why did we decide to focus on these areas?

Imagine the following situation: a company’s management has come to understand that there is a need to change something in its work. It can be:

  • implementation of a small initiative aimed at optimising an existing business process,
  • organisational development project,
  • the creation of a new product or business direction,
  • perhaps even a review of the company’s strategy and implementation of a whole set of initiatives aimed at achieving strategic goals.

Moreover, even if the decision on the need for change is supported by all stakeholders, the question arises, and what to do next? How to ensure that the ideas of employees are reflected in real life?

Studies show that up to 70 percent of initiatives related to change fail. If we talk about broad strategic initiatives, the statistics looks even worse.

However, given the upward dynamics of changes in the external environment (customers change their preferences, new technologies appear, the state changes the rules of the game, suppliers make new demands, competitors increase pressure), companies are forced to change. Moreover, they must change more and more rapidly. Often the question of an organisation’s ability to translate new ideas into reality quickly and skillfully becomes a matter of its survival in the market.

Years of experience taught us that even the most wonderful idea can remain unimplemented if the company does not know how to:

  • Manage a single project (or a set of several projects)
  • Manage business processes
  • Encourage and motivate employees for change

Our consultants help company management to make business development ideas material and achievable, and to manage the process of their implementation.

Contact us, and we will be happy to tell you more about ourselves and to answer all your questions.